Structural Health Monitoring

Powered with ultrasound sensors, vibration sensors, strain gauges, temperature sensors and other sensors, Broadsens provides the best Structural Health Monitoring solutions for different industries. Structural Health Monitoring increases efficiency, safety and improve profits for companies.

Machine Condition Monitoring

Large machines such as motors, generators, gearboxes need to be maintained regularly. Broadsens uses vibration sensors, temperature sensors, strain gauges, distance sensors, humidity sensors, etc to collect dynamic information and analyze the status of the machines online.

Industrial Internet of Things

Broadsens provides ready to use and turn-key Industrial IoT (IIoT) solutions that include low power wireless sensors, data acquisition devices, and software. Server or cloud-based options are available to provide the best value for a business. IoT devices can be controlled and configured remotely.


Wireless vibration monitoring

Broadsens ultra-low power wireless vibration and temperature sensors, wireless gateway and software provide real-time vibration monitoring ability and predictive maintenance ability.

Metal structure monitoring

Metal structure such as steel, aluminum, iron is widely used in trains, railroads, power plants, heavy machinery, bridges. Broadsens can detect cracks, deformation, corrosion and erosion.

Composite health monitoring

Composite structure is light weight, corrosion-proof and strong. It is being used more and more in applications. Broadsens can detect cracks, bond failure and delamination.

Underground leak detection

Underground pipes and pipelines are everywhere. Broadsens can monitor underground leaks with ultrasound and sound sensors remotely.

Ultrasonic thickness measurement

Utilizing ultrasound technique, pipes, plates or boiler tubes thickness can be measured accurately, so that defects such as corrosion and erosion can be found.

Wireless IIOT solutions

Besides ultra-low power wireless vibration and temperature sensors, Broadsens provides customized solutions including wireless angle sensors, inclinometers, distance sensors etc.


  • Robust and reliable
  • Easy to install & connect
  • High performance
  • A wide range of sensing capabilities
  • Compact and low power
Data acquisition devices
  • Multiple ultrasonic transmit & receive channels
  • Digital sensor interface
  • Internal data processing & storage
  • Ethernet interface
  • Web software control
  • Easy sensor management platform
  • Visualization of real-time data
  • History data review
  • Analytics tools
  • Free upgrade