Broadsens provides comprehensive development and design services for ultra-low power wireless sensors, machine condition monitoring, industrial IOT, train and railroad applications and Structural Health Monitoring (SHM). Broadsens has many years of engineering experiences in ultra-low power wireless development, multichannel high-voltage piezoelectric power amplifier and receiver, high resolution ultrasonic thickness measurement, corrosion monitoring and leak detection. Our Technical Department designs customized hardware and software solutions for customers with ultra low-power wireless sensors, piezoelectric ultrasonic sensors, data acquisition devices, intelligent machine learning algorithms and software.

Customized wireless vibration & temperature sensor SVT200-CK

Customized wireless vibration & temperature sensor

The custom solutions include hardware, firmware and software development and customization. For example, the advanced wireless vibration & temperature sensors can be customized to fit customer's requirements. The hardware customization include sensor casing, mounting method, power supply design; the firmware customization includes but not limited to wireless transmission range, wireless transmission protocol, sensor data transmission speed; and the software customization include dashboard custom logo (yearly subscription fee required), cloud platform development, data transmission development, MQTT protocol customization, and additional displays.

If the software enhancements align with Broadsens's product roadmap, then the development is either free of charge, or at a greatly reduced cost. Broadsens also improves its vibration monitoring software and algorithm constantly. If the analysis software feature request aligns with the product roadmap, the the development is also free to charge typically.

Joint development is also possible, since Broadsens's edge-computing wireless gateways and BroadScan devices allow users to develop their custom solutions and provide consulting services (consulting fee may apply).

It is also possible to add custom logo when the project budget meets the minimum quantity requirements or minimum investment requirements. For more information, please contact Broadsens Corporation with your specific application requirements.