Highspeed Data Acquisition Device

Each device contains high voltage power amplifier, high resolution data acqusition, high sampling rate, multiple outputs and multiple inputs and network interface

BroadScan D100

R&D device

BroadScan D100 is an ideal device for research institutes and university labs. It has the advantage of easy connection and easy operation. With integrated power amplifier and high speed data acquisition, one can set up a structural health monitoring system in a few minutes

BroadScan D200

Value and performance

BroadScan D200 provides the best value in ultrasound structure health monitoring market. It has integrated piezoelectric high voltage amplifier, high speed and high resolution data acquisition, multiple output and input channels. It can be controlled through a network interface.

BroadScan D110C

Industrial device

BroadScan D110C is designed for industrial applications. It has integrated high voltage power amplifier, high speed and high resolution data acquisition module, integrated data storage and data processing ability. It can be controlled from a web interface

Custom Solution

Custom solution and OEM data acquisition boards are also available. For example, high density DAQ system with 128 input/output channels can be provided per request