BroadScan D110C Industrial SHM Device

The BroadScan D110C is an integrated high voltage piezoelectric sensor amplifier and receiver that is ideal for industrial applications. BroadScan D110C is easy to connect and developed for structural health monitoring (SHM) applications in the real world. It works in harsh environment and is rated waterproof (IP65). It is also vibration proof and dust proof. BroadScan D110C can generate arbitrary excitation waveform such as lamb waves for active SHM applications. The excitation voltage range is from 1v up to 140v peak-peak. BroadScan D110C has wide frequency range from 50kHz up to 4MHz. It has 17 excitation output channels and 68 input channels. BroadScan D110C also has a digital port that can also connect to temperature sensors at the same time for temperature measurement and environment compensation.

BroadScan D110C can be controlled by a laptop or PC through Ethernet. It can be operated with external power or internal rechargeable battery. The internal battery can last up to 4 hours.

BroadScan D110C ultrasonic transmitter and receiver top view

BroadScan D110C Specifications

• 17 high voltage piezoelectric sensor excitation channels (up to 140v peak-peak)
• Wide excitation frequency range: 50kHz up to 3MHz adjustable
• 68 receive channels
• 20db-100db adjustable gain at receive path
• 14-bit ADC for ultrasound receive
• 14-bit DAC arbitrary waveform generator for ultrasound transmission.
• Adjustable sampling rate of ultrasound scan. 80MS/s, 40MS/s, 20MS/s, 10MS/s, 5MS/s, 2.5MS/s and 1.25MS/s sampling rate.
• Adjustable sample points for ultrasound scan. 1024, 2048, 4096, 8192, 16384, 32768
• Supports Broadsens temperature sensors, accelerometers, humidity sensors, strain sensors, distance sensors, etc.
• Integrated data storage: 64GB (expandable to 128GB)
• 1.2 GHz microprocessor integrated
• Ethernet connection
• Battery powered. Battery lasts up to 4 hours when fully charged
• Operating temperature range: -30 degree Celsius to 65 Celsius
• Power adapter supports 100v-240v DC input