UT200S Multi-channel Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

Broadsens provides advanced multichannel ultrasonic thickness measurement instruments. Multichannel ultrasonic thickness gauge UT200S has four channels that can measure thickness in parallel. Ultrasonic thickness measurement is non-intrusive and can accurately measure the thickness of a structure. Broadsens's multi-channel ultrasonic thickness gauges UT200S is ideal for robots-based inspection of boiler tubes, pipes, large containers, production line aluminum and steel plates. UT200S can also be used for online monitoring of pipeline corrosions and thickness loss. UT200S supports the common first-echo mode (most low-cost ultrasonic thickness gauges use this mode), high accuracy echo-echo mode, in which the structure painting or coating can be ignored by checking multiple echoes. The accuracy of UT200S can reach 0.001mm in echo-echo mode with careful calibration and averaging of multiple echoes. UT200S also supports echo-II measurement, in which case the structure is submerged under water, and the ultrasonic probes have a distance of 1mm to 5mm to the structure. In this case, there could be an unwanted large reflection from the water interface, in this case must be removed by using the echo-II measurement algorithm.

High resolution
High speed
Large storage

Selection of OEM board or optional enclosure

UT200S comes with the OEM board option or enclosed option. Multiple UT200S can be connected to offer parallel thickness measurement for robots, or production line inspection of various structures.

Multichannel ultrasonic thickness gauge UT200S OEM board

UT200S OEM board

Multichannel ultrasonic thickness gauge UT200S with enclosure

UT200S with enclosure

Easy to use remote control software

UT200S can be controlled remotely via network interface by BroadMTM software. BroadMTM software controls the ultrasonic thickness gauges via network interface (wired or wirelessly). The gain of each channel can be individually configured manually. Each channel can be turned on and turned off. The wave speed can be adjusted manually. When using first-echo mode, the probe delay can also be configured. The data file can be transferred to the control PC for review and analysis. The data can be exported easily. History data and waveform can also be reviewed. The signals can be zoomed in/out to check out the patterns. UT200S can also be used for inspection in structures by checking out the response signals. Welding defects, solder joints defects, broken screws and nuts can be detected easily with the help of waveform analysis.

BroadMTM software also has the feature of analysis window, in which a user can define the interested analysis stating point and end point of the ultrasonic response. This feature is especially useful for water submerged measurements or other complicated applications. With analysis window, user can ignore some layers of the materials by setting the analysis window outside the response of the non-interested materials.

Multichannel ultrasonic thickness measurement software GUI

UT200S is controlled via TCP/IP network interface. Multiple UT200S can be combined to provide the following multichannel ultrasonic thickness gauges:

. 4 channels  . 8 channels  . 12 channels  . 16 channels  . 20 channels  . 24 channels

Ultrasonic echo echo mode

UT200S Specifications

• Number of channels: 4 in default. Multiple UT200S can be grouped to support up to 24 channels
• Frequency: 5 MHz
• Range: 2mm - 150mm typical (expandable to 250mm)
• Ultrasonic wave speed: 1,000-9,999m/s
• Resolution: 0.001 mm
• Measurement mode: first-reflection; echo-echo; echo-II
• Data storage: 32GB standard SD card
• Real-time waveform display function
• Waveform download ability
• Supports echo-echo method to penetrate protection paint
• Interface: Ethernet UDP protocol
• Power supply: Isolated for high performance. Input voltage: 9-18V DC; 110v/220v AC with power adapter
• Power consumption: 0.8A @12V
• OEM board size: 122 x 106 x 29 mm
• Optional enclosure
• Operation temperature: -30 - 65 degree Celsius
• Operation humidity: 10%-90% RH