"The most energy efficient wireless IIOT solutions that improve production efficiency and safety"

Broadsens Wireless Industrial IOT Products

Wireless Sensors

Broadsens's ultra-low power wireless sensors include wireless accelerometers (vibration sensors), wireless temperature sensors, wireless inclinometers, wireless angle sensors, wireless strain sensors, wireless distance sensors and wireless gas sensors

Wireless Gateway

Broadsens's wireless gateway supports ultra-low power wireless vibration sensors, wireless temperature sensors, wireless strain sensors and has integrated database with huge data storage. Data are also transferred to client's private clouds or servers at the same time for redundancy

Monitoring Software

Broadsens's gateway side monitoring software BroadVibra and Server side monitoring software BroadView support implementation of tens of thousands of gateways and millions of wireless sensors for large-scale and long-term wireless monitoring solution

Advantages of Broadsens IIOT Solutions

Shaft vibration monitoring with wireless sensors


Broadsens low power wireless sensors are thoroughly tested and application verified. They provide long term reliability and stability in harsh environments
Gears and precision machines


Broadsens uses proprietary encryption algorithm for secure data transmission. Sensors use AES 128 bit encryption for safe update and operation
City light


Broadsens uses advanced wireless protocol for ultra-high efficiency data transmission and storage. The wireless protocol also scales well for very large-scale applications
Compact wireless vibration sensor SVT100-A


All Broadsens wireless sensors are compact and light weight, since they are optimized for battery usage and has the highest battery efficiency in the industry.