We provide machine condition monitoring equipment and service

Benefits of Broadsens Machine Condition Monitoring System

Easy Install

Broadsens machine condition monitoring system is easy to install and operate

Energy Efficient

Broadsens machine monitoring equipment has ultra low power design to save energy and environment

Cost Effective

Broadsens Machine Condition Monitoring Device is very cost effective and brings the best value

Custom Solution

We provide custom machine condition monitoring solution to meet your requirement perfectly

Broadsens engineer collecting data

Broadsens Machine Condition Monitoring

Broadsens machine condition monitoring equipment integrates multiple sensors, including vibration sensors, temperature sensors, strain gauges and distance sensors into the target machine. This information collected by the sensors can be used to monitor the health of machinery and provide guidance for condition-based maintenance. For certain applications, more sensors such as ultrasound thickness sensor, pressure sensor, flow sensor are also used to provide more in-depth information about the machines.