Ultra-Low Power Wireless Machine Condition Monitoring System

Benefits of Broadsens Wireless Vibration Sensor System

Ultra Low Power

Broadsens wireless vibration sensors have the best energy efficiency in the industry (only ~2uA current in idle state)

Easy Install

Broadsens machine condition monitoring system is easy to install and operate

High Performance

Broadsens wireless vibration sensors provide high sampling that is critical for Machine Condition Monitoring

Ultra Compact

Compared to other wireless vibration sensors, Broadsens wireless vibration sensors is about half the size, half the weight but has better performance and longer lasting battery life

Broadsens engineer collecting data

Broadsens Machine Condition Monitoring

Broadsens machine condition monitoring equipment integrates multiple ultra low power wireless sensors, including wireless vibration sensors, wireless temperature sensors, wireless angle sensors, wireless strain gauges and wireless distance sensors into the target machine or structure. This information collected by the sensors can be used to monitor the health of machinery and provide guidance for condition-based maintenance. For certain applications, more sensors such as ultrasonic thickness sensor and wireless pressure sensor are also used to provide more in-depth information about the machines and structures.