Broadsens releases OEM boards of multi-channel ultrasonic thickness gauge

Broadsens released two OEM versions of multi-channel ultrasonic thickness gauge: UT100 and UT200. Both of them are ideal for robotic thickness measurement, or online thickness measurement. UT100 has a RS485 interface, while UT200 has an Ethernet interface. UT100 has a resolution of 0.01mm, and UT200 has a resolution of 0.001mm. Moreover, UT200 allows user to view and download the waveform data to a local computer. UT200 can also be used in reflection mode, which can ignore the paint layer in a pipe. UT100 is designed for an economic solution, and UT200 is designed for high resolution, high performance and advanced analysis. For detailed specifications, please refer to the product description.

Broadsens Received ISO9001 Certification

Broadsens has part of its manufacturing and research facility in China. Recently, Braodsens Jiaxing, where the latest Broadsens D200 is manufactured, received the ISO9001 certification. The certified area includes electrical engineering research and development, railway operation management system and instruments. This is a big step forward for Broadsens to ensure its product quality in machine condition monitoring and structural health monitoring.

BroadScan D200 is released

BroadScan D200 is released in worldwide market. BroadScan D200 is a combined device of lamb wave generator, piezoelectric power amplifier, high speed data acquisition and network based control software. Although its size is small, it has lots of functions. The ultrasound based structural health monitoring is so easy now thanks to BroadScan D200‘s quick connection and release connector. A single or multiple piezoelectric sensors can be connected to D200 in a matter of seconds. With Broadsens’ compact piezoelectric sensors, one can set up a structural health monitoring system in a few minutes. BroadScan D200 is easy to use thanks to its web interface. Multiple D200s can be connected via Ethernet to form a distributed structural health monitoring system. It has the same digital sensor interface as the BroadScan D100 and BroadScan D110C, so that one can add vibration sensors, strain gauge, temperature, distance or other sensors to the whole system. For detailed technical specifications, please check out the BroadScan D200 introduction page.

BroadScan D200 has the best value on the market. It is very affordable with many features. Please contact Broadsens for a quote.

World’s first Train Coupler Online Monitoring System by Broadsens

Broadsens installed world’s first online train coupler monitoring system in a freight train in 2019. The system was designed to monitor the status of the train coupler. A train coupler is an important component in the train, which connects cars in between and bears heavy strain when the train is in operation. The online train coupler monitoring system consists of data acquisition device BroadScan D110C, Wireless Gateway GU100, compact piezoelectric ultrasound sensors BHU100, BHU200 and BHU500 made by Broadsens. The piezoelectric ultrasound sensors monitor cracks, corrosion and erosion on the train coupler. The working environment is very harsh with lots of dusts, shocks, vibrations and rain.

BroadScan D110C used to monitor cracks and corrosion on a train coupler

After months of usage, the system is still working strong, as shown in the following picture.

Train coupler online monitoring system after months of usage

The system also consists of strain gauges, temperature sensor, distance sensor and vibration sensor to monitor the status of draft gear. The draft gear is another important part, which absorbs vibration and reduces the impact between train cars. The train draft gear is hidden behind the coupler, so that even when it is obsolete, it is hard to tell. Broadsens’s online train monitoring system will tell if the draft gear is in healthy condition or obsolete for the first time.

Broadsens Wireless Distance sensor SD110B


Broadsens is selected as Top 10 Industrial IOT Solution Providers 2019

Broadsens is selected as one of the “Top 10 Industrial IOT Solution Providers 2019” by Manufacturing Technology Insights. Broadsens’s wireless accelerometers, wireless temperature sensors, wireless displacement sensors, wireless strain gauges are designed for direct industrial usage with great value. Broadsens also provides custom IOT solutions for different industries.

For the past few months, the selection panel has evaluated a magnitude of Industrial IOT solution providers based on their ability
to assist, consult and overcome the challenges and complexities in the realm of Industrial IOT.
The nominations are also from senior executives in the Manufacturing Industry.
The final leg of the selection process is a advisory panel of directors and C-level executives of enterprises  utilizing the solutions of Industrial IOT Companies.

Manufacturing Technology Insights is a magazine to assist the enterprises in selecting innovative Industrial IOT solutions.


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