Ultrasonic Scanner BroadScan D200 is released

BroadScan D200 is released in worldwide market. BroadScan D200 is a combined device of lamb wave generator, piezoelectric power amplifier, high speed data acquisition and network based control software. Although its size is small, it has lots of functions. The ultrasound based structural health monitoring is so easy now thanks to BroadScan D200‘s quick connection and release connector. A single or multiple piezoelectric sensors can be connected to D200 in a matter of seconds. With Broadsens’ compact piezoelectric sensors, one can set up a structural health monitoring system in a few minutes. BroadScan D200 is easy to use thanks to its web interface. Multiple D200s can be connected via Ethernet to form a distributed structural health monitoring system. It has the same digital sensor interface as the BroadScan D100 and BroadScan D110C, so that one can add vibration sensors, strain gauge, temperature, distance or other sensors to the whole system. For detailed technical specifications, please check out the BroadScan D200 introduction page.

BroadScan D200 has the best value on the market. It is very affordable with many features. Please contact Broadsens for a quote.

Ultrasonic scanner BroadScan D200 front view Ultrasonic scanner BroadScan D200 back view