Broadsens IIOT sensor systems are deployed worldwide

As of December 2022, Broadsens’s wireless vibration and temperature sensor systems and ultrasonic systems are deployed in more than 30 countries worldwide. Broadsens’s wireless vibration & temperature sensors are ultra-compact, light-weight with one of the best performances (sampling rate, bandwidth, features, line of resolution, battery life, signal to noise ratio et al) in the industry. Due to their long-lasting battery life and the best battery efficiency, the sensors are helping many industrial customers for machine condition monitoring and predictive maintenance.

Broadsens wireless vibration sensors
Broadsens wireless vibration sensors for pump & motor monitoring

Broadsens’s wireless gateway and vibration monitoring software are designed for large-scale IIOT applications, in which case thousands of sensors and hundreds of gateways can be configured easily and quickly. Sensor data are encrypted for enhanced security. The explosive atmosphere certified wireless vibration & temperature sensors are used for condition monitoring of motors, pumps, bearings, gearboxes, wind turbines, heavy machines, trains, UAVs, powerlines, ships, fans, compressors, spindles and so on. Sensor data can be transferred to local servers or clouds via MQTT protocol efficiently.

Broadsens wireless vibration sensors in production line
Broadsens wireless vibration sensors mounted on motor & pump
Broadsens ultrasonic device for train coupler monitoring

Broadsens’ ultrasonic systems include multichannel ultrasonic scanner for composite & metal structure NDT (Non Destructive Testing)/SHM(Structural Health Monitoring), and multichannel thickness gauge for corrosion monitoring and NDT. Broadsens’s ultrasonic systems use high-resolution 14-bit ADC with up to 80MS/s sampling rate, which offers high sensitivity that can  detect sub 1mm crack/defects for the SHM and NDT purpose. The ultrasonic devices can be remotely controlled via TCP/IP protocol, which are ideal for IIOT applications.

2 thoughts on “Broadsens IIOT sensor systems are deployed worldwide

  1. John Cui - December 21, 2022

    Congratulations! We have been using your wireless vibration sensors and they are excellent for out IOT projects

  2. Nick Ferguson - December 21, 2022

    We switched to your wireless vibration and temperature sensors and it was a huge upgrade to our predictive maintenance system.
    Our original wireless vibration sensor is huge and heavy, but the performance is not even close to your sensors.
    Upgrading to your sensors made our work so much easier.

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