Broadsens Releases Industrial Structural Health Monitoring System D110C

Broadsens is pleased to release the BroadScan D110C, the industrial version Structural Health Monitoring System. BroadScan D110C has an integrated waveform generator, power amplifier, data acquisition and signal processing. It can generate lamb wave to piezoelectric sensors, then collect structural response. BroadScan D110C has a wide excitation frequency range that can go up to 4MHz and go down to 50kHz. The output voltage can go up to 140v peak-peak. It also has very high sampling rate that can go up to 80MS/s, with a resolution of 14 bit. D110C can connect to general piezoelectric sensors, or it can connect to Broadsens’s piezoelectric sensors conveniently.

BroadScan D110C multichannel ultrasonic transmitter and receiver