Multi-channel ultrasonic thickness gauge OEM boards

Broadsens released two OEM versions of multi-channel ultrasonic thickness gauge: UT100 and UT200S. Both of them are ideal for robotic thickness measurement, or online thickness measurement. UT200 has a RS485 interface, while UT200S has an Ethernet interface. UT200 has a resolution of 0.01mm, and UT200S has a resolution of 0.001mm. Moreover, UT200S allows user to view and download the waveform data to a local computer. UT200S can also have echo-echo mode, which can ignore the paint layer in a pipe. UT200 is designed for an economic solution, and UT200S is designed for high resolution, high performance and advanced analysis. For detailed specifications, please refer to the product description. Update on October 2022: UT100 is discontinued. UT200 is upgraded to the latest UT200S for improved accuracy. 

UT100 OEM ultrasonic thickness gauge

UT200 OEM ultrasonic thickness gauge

multichannel ultrasonic thickness measurement software