Broadsens Releases Wireless Sensors

Sunnyvale, CA, August 9, 2016 – Broadsens Corporation, a leader in smart sensing systems for machine condition monitoring, structural health monitoring and industrial IOT applications, announced the release of several compact wireless sensors. The products released include

  • SND100, wireless sound sensor that monitors sound level
  • STR100, wireless strain gauge for structural condition measurements
  • TMP100, compact temperature sensor
  • MOM100, compact multifunction vibration sensor that can detect triaxial acceleration, altitude and tilt angles
  • ENV100, compact environmental sensor that can detect hazardous gas
  • MOT100, compact motion sensor that measures vibration for machine condition monitoring
  • HUM100, compact humidity and temperature sensor
  • AMP100, a wireless air quality sensor that monitors PM 2.5

The new wireless sensors have standard Wi-Fi interface and can be easily connected to users’ current Wi-Fi network without any additional gateways and controllers.
Wireless sensors by Broadsens including vibration, motion, sound and strain
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