Broadsens released software for structural health monitoring

Broadsens Corporation, a leader in the structural health monitoring and wireless industrial IOT (IIOT) of smart sensing systems, today announced the release of BroadVision 1.0, a Windows-based desktop sensor monitoring software. The newly released software manages large number of wireless sensors, data acquisition devices, and scanners from Broadsens. The software is ideal for structural health monitoring and industrial IoT applications.

Using our easy-to-use interface, users can configure network devices to collect and analyze data in real time for other applications and export data. Using our intelligent data acquisition and graphics algorithms, users can instantly display large amounts of data with a fully customizable dashboard without any delay. The zoomed in interest points are just as fast. One major application of the software is for train structure health monitoring such as train coupler health monitoring, train bogie monitoring, train wheel and bearing monitoring, frame monitoring, compressor and engine monitoring.  

Software for structure health monitoring (SHM)

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