Broadsens released digital sensors

Sunnyvale, Calif., June 15, 2016 – Broadsens, the leader in industrial application smart sensing systems, today announced the release of several digital sensors for structural health monitoring and industrial IOT applications. Products included today released

  • TMP200  compact temperature sensor
  • MOM200 compact motion sensor for vibration monitoring with triaxial accelerometers, and angular sensors
  • ENV100, compact environmental sensor for detecting harmful gases
  • PWR100, compact sensor
  • SND100, compact sound sensor
  • HUM100, compact humidity and temperature sensor

Broadsens digital sensors for vibration, sound, motion, strain monitoring

The sensor and digital interface use a single power cable to connect, control and data. They can be connected directly to a data acquisition device or from a Broadsens ultrasound scanner. Each digital sensor has two 4-pin junction boxes. The “Din” block digital input sensor and “Dout” are digital output sensors. Multiple sensors can be easily used for computer and sensor cables.

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2 thoughts on “Broadsens released digital sensors

  1. Juan Choquehuanca - December 31, 2019

    Dear Mr. / Mrs. / Ms.,
    I am a research from “Universidad Catolica San Pablo” in Peru, and I am reaching out regarding theMOM200 sensor for measuring acelerations in a small building and compare vibration measurements from two places: inside and outside the building.
    As well, we would like to easily get the measured data since we conduct research for academic purposes (usually we employ matlab or python to process data).
    In such sense, i would like to ask you for all devices we will need to overcome the task of monitoring vibrations in this case.
    Mainly, i would like to know if the vibration sensor conects automatically with a computer or extra devices need to be included in a possible purchase in such a way that the two readings are obtained at the same time. Also, what device (gateway) should be included to get data in the clould for easy remote access.
    Thanks for your asnwer.
    Best regards,

    Juan J. Choquehuanca-Zevallos
    Universidad Catolica San Pablo
    Arequipa, Peru

  2. John - May 20, 2020

    Dear Juan,

    In your case, I would like to recommend using the Broadsens’s latest wireless digital sensor WMS100 series sensor (Wireless Motion Sensor) that can collect data without using any wires. You can choose WMS100E, which uses standard WiFi, so that you don’t need a separate gateway to use it. Or you can choose WMS100B, which uses BLE 5.0 (Bluetooth Low Energy) . WMS100E has high sampling rate, but relative high power consumption, which means that you need to recharge the sensor once a week or a month (depending on the usage frequency). The WMS100B has lower data rate, but great battery life that can lasts for more than five years (depending on the usage frequency too).

    I hope that it helps.

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