Broadsens Wireless Vibration Sensors Obtained Calibration Certificate

Broadsens ultra-low power wireless vibration sensors recently obtained calibration certificate from Institute of Calibration and Technologies Co and KOLAS.

The calibration was performed using B&K 8305, Agilent 33220A arbitrary waveform generator, B&K 2692 condition amplifier and HP 34401A multimeter. The frequency range from 10Hz up to 1kHz was verified at x, y, z triaxial axes against the standard instrument. All x, y and z axes gave excellent results within 2% accuracy typically in the frequency range. The wireless vibration sensors can go up to 10kHz with up to 25.6kHz sampling rate.

Broadsens wireless vibration sensor in testing

Sensor calibration certificate

If you are looking for ultra-compact, light-weight and high performance wireless vibration sensors with trusted result, then Broadsens has the right solution. Broadsens ultra-low power wireless vibration sensors have the highest battery efficiency in the industry. They are built for tough environments, so that you don't need to replace the broke sensors or replace batteries in industrial applications.

The wireless vibration sensors require to use Broadsens's wireless gateways for the maximum performance and long-lasting battery. There are multiple configurations of the wireless gateways for different industrial applications such as motors, pumps, engines, belts, bearings and gear box monitoring.

The system is ideal for IIOT applications, condition based maintenance and predictive maintenance.

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    Daniel - September 4, 2022

    Great news. We have been following your ultra-low power wireless vibration sensors for a long time. Your system is an excellent solution for predictive maintenance.

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