Broadsens releases new piezoelectric ultrasonic sensor for SHM

Sunnyvale, Calif., January 20, 2017 – Broadsens, a leader in smart sensing systems, today announced the release of new piezoelectric ultrasonic transducers for structural health monitoring (SHM) and industrial IoT applications .

Piezoelectric sensors can be used to measure pressure, force, acceleration, and strain to convert mechanical stress into electrical charge. It can also be used to generate sound that is converted into mechanical waves by charge. In the Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) application, piezoelectric sensors can be used to generate and receive ultrasonic waveforms to detect structural damage. Typical piezoelectric transducers are thin, rigid and very fragile, so it requires great care, a lot of labor and special tools such as vacuum bags and air pumps to bond to the target structure. After installation, the piezoelectric sensor is susceptible to external influences, shocks, and strain.

For the industrial structure health monitoring application design, the BHU series compact piezoelectric sensors  are new mechanically enhanced ultrasonic transducers. Each sensor features a specially designed metal casing and high quality shielded cable, making it the most robust and reliable piezoelectric transducer on the market. The product is very easy to install, resistant to external influences and shocks, and more robust operation.

Compact piezoelectric ultrasonic transducers


The sensor can be used with ultrasonic scanners from Broadsens or any data acquisition device with a standard SMA or BNC interface. The sensors are available in different lengths. If you need to extend the connection distance, then you can use an extension cable easily.

These compact ultrasonic transducers are immediately available in the US market.