Explosive atmosphere certified wireless vibration sensors

Broadsens's ultra-low power wireless vibration and temperature sensors are now explosive atmosphere (Ex) certified! The Ex certificate was issued by an Ilac-MRA certified lab. The Ex rating of Broadsens's SVT-200, SVT-300 and SVT400 (A or V series) is Ex ia IIC T4 Ga. The rating is one of the highest that allows the sensors to be used in dangerous oil and gas fields. Broadsens wireless vibration & temperature sensors use intrinsic safe battery and IP68 case for maximum safety operation in harsh and dangerous environments. The ultra-compact sensors are light weight, and have adjustable sampling rate from 50Hz up to 25.6kHz. Adjustable sampling points range from 1,024, 2,048, 4,096, 8,192, 16,384 (in single DAQ, single FFT modes) to unlimited sample points (in real-time, batch, multi-DAQ and live FFT modes).

IIOT wireless vibration sensors & gateway

IIOT wireless vibration sensors & gateway

Explosive atmospheres certificate of wireless vibration sensor

Explosive atmospheres certificate

The wireless vibration and temperature sensors should be used with Broadsens's advanced edge-computing gateway. The gateways has BroadVibra vibration monitoring and analysis software pre-installed. BroadVibra software uses Node-RED for the dashboard design, which can be customized for industrial IOT applications quickly.

Multiple Broadsens wireless gateways can be used for large-scale factory condition based monitoring and predictive maintenance. The system is ideal for wireless IIOT applications such as motor and pump monitoring, and structural health monitoring. They are also ideal for high-voltage applications due to the high battery efficiency.

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  1. Steve - November 12, 2022

    These wireless vibration & temperature sensors are exactly what we are looking for. Compact, light-weight with high sampling rate.

  2. Elaine - November 16, 2022

    Do you have distributors in Brazil? Your wireless vibration sensors are amazing and our clients are very interested in them.

  3. Walter - November 26, 2022

    These compact wireless vibration sensors are excellent for our IOT projects

  4. Indira Streeton - July 3, 2023

    Excellent wireless vibration sensor product. Can we purchase a sample kit?

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