Filtering is coming to Vibration Analysis Software

We have an exciting news to share: Broadsens's vibration analysis team is working to add high-pass, lowpass and bandpass filters to the popular vibration analysis software BroadVibra. BroadVibra software controls Broadsens's ultra-low power wireless vibration sensors, show sensor data in real time, query sensor data up to 1-year from the wireless gateway, and perform vibration analysis with various tools such as FFT analysis and auto vibration trend analysis.

The filters can help remove unwanted data and noises from the vibration/acceleration signals. The following is a preliminary design of the filter function.

Filtering ability of vibration analysis software

The following are some reference parameters for machine condition monitoring and predictive maintenance. The filters for pipe leak detection are also provided. Note: The parameters will be updated with the research progress of our engineering team in applications.

High-Pass filters

200Hz: middle and high leak frequency for water, oil
500Hz: Low speed machinery having <125hz. Bearing & gearing problems
1000Hz: Intermediate speed machinery (<2000 rpm) with gear mesh <300hz
2000Hz: Medium speed machinery (<4000rpm) with gear mesh <600hz
5000Hz: High speed machinery

Lowpass filters:

40Hz: Machine structure balance
40Hz: Oil, water pipeline ultra-low frequency leakage

Bandpass filters:

60Hz-90Hz: Oil, water pipeline low-frequency leakage
20Hz–150Hz: Felt problems on paper machines
50Hz–300Hz: Certain structural resonance excitation, modulation of gear mesh in low speed machinery
100Hz–600Hz: Gear mesh modulation in intermediate speed machinery.
500Hz–1kHz: Gear mesh modulation

2 thoughts on “Filtering is coming to Vibration Analysis Software

  1. Vincent - October 14, 2021

    The filtering function works like a charm. Especially its continuous adjustment ability allows me to apply it for different pumps monitoring.

  2. Defeful - July 7, 2022

    Thanks for the new filtering feature. We found it very useful to find gear defects at high frequency machine condition monitoring.

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