Firmware upgrade for Wireless Vibration Sensor SVT100-A

Broadsens recently released firmware upgrade for the popular wireless vibration sensor SVT100-A. The ultra-low power wireless vibration sensor SVT100-A was released in Fall 2020. SVT100-A was based on Broadsens's wireless sensors developed in 2016. The first generation wireless sensors include wireless temperature sensors, wireless sound sensors, wireless vibration sensor, wireless motion sensor, etc. However, the power consumption was very high at the time due to the WIFI protocol. It took Broadsens five years to get the power to the best in the industry. Although Broadsens released wireless vibration sensor SVT200-A as an upgrade in August 2021, we continue providing supports for previous sensors. This new firmware release brings the power consumption of SVT100-A to almost the same level as the SVT200-A. The latest firmware version for SVT100-A is 2.1. Customers who are using SVT100-A are strongly encouraged to upgrade their firmware to the latest version to enjoy the industrial leading wireless vibration sensor features. The new upgrade also allows SVT100-A to have adjustable sample points in single DAQ mode. The adjustable sample points range from 2,048 to 16,384 based on user's selection at the BroadVibra software control interface. (The previous version of firmware for SVT100-A only allows fixed 8,192 points).

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1 thought on “Firmware upgrade for Wireless Vibration Sensor SVT100-A

  1. Teddy - November 5, 2021

    The update worked well. It is good to have adjustable sampling points in single DAQ mode. Vibration FFT analysis is faster with smaller sampling points.

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