IP68 Wireless Vibration and Temperature Sensors

After many testing, Broadsens updated its wireless vibration and temperature sensors' rating from IP67 to IP68. This rating could truly reflect the ability of the sensors working under tough environments. The testing were performed in different environments, including ice water submerge, deep water submerge, and long duration water submerge. The testing proved that Broadsens wireless vibration and temperature sensors are some of the best and toughest in the industry.

IP69 wireless vibration sensor

Ice water submerge testing

In this testing, Broadsens's wireless vibration and temperature sensors are submerged under iced water for more than 1 hour. There were random-selected one SVT-A series and one SVT-V series wireless vibration sensor. Both sensors took data continuously. Yes Broadsens's innovative design allow the ultra-low power wireless vibration sensors take data continuously.

SVT-A wireless vibration sensors include SVT200-A, SVT300-A and SVT400-A. They take triaxial acceleration raw data, which allows for predictive maintenance and AI-based analysis.

SVT-V wireless vibration sensors include SVT200-V, SVT300-V and SVT400-V. They take data continuously non-stop, which allows for real-time machine condition monitoring and accidents alarm in time.

Both type of sensors should be used for industrial IOT applications.

In the pictures below, the left pictures show long-duration testing. In this test, the sensors were submerge in a water bottle for more than 48 hours. There is no leak detected and the sensors are working normally after 48 hours. In the right picture, the sensors were submerged under a well water with a depth of 1.5m for more than 4 hours. The sensors are also working normally without any water damage. The wireless vibration and temperature sensors are perfect solutions for industrial IOT applications and machine condition monitoring.

IP69 wireless vibration sensor under water test

Long duration underwater test

Underwater test of wireless vibration sensor

1.5m under water test

3 thoughts on “IP68 Wireless Vibration and Temperature Sensors

  1. Rick Beard - October 12, 2022

    Thanks for the update. Your system is an excellent solution for factory reliability and IIOT.

  2. vitaliy - October 17, 2022

    Are your sensors certified for explosive atmosphere applications? We need wireless vibration sensors for pump monitoring in the fields. TIA.

  3. admin - October 19, 2022

    @Rick Thank you very much!
    @Vitalily Yes Broadsens wireless vibration and temperature sensors recently passed explosive atmosphere certification. The rating is Ex ia IIC T4, which allow the sensors to be used in most gas/explosive atmosphere environments.

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