IP69K Wireless Vibration and Temperature Sensors

Broadsens's ultra-low power wireless vibration and temperature sensors now have IP69K waterproof and dustproof option. The IP69K rating means that a device can withstand intensive cleaning with high-pressure, high-temperature jets. IP69K products are ideal for industries where sanitation is a primary concern, such as food processing and pharmaceutical applications. Broadsens's wireless vibration and temperature sensors have been used for predictive maintenance and condition monitoring in pharmacy and food industry. In the following application, SVT200-A wireless vibration & temperature sensors are used in food processing to monitor the integrity of production line.

In the picture, SVT200-A wireless vibration & temperature sensors are used in food processing industry. The sensors are triple-coated from inside to outside. The circuit board and battery are coated with high temperature and chemical resistant silicone. Then Teflon tape is used to wrap around the internal for further protection. The sensor thread is processed with vibration resistant, waterproof thread lock. Then silicone coating is applied again to the exterior of the sensor. Finally, a transparent aqua-grade tube is used to prevent accidental damage to the waterproof thread. The materials are food-grade safe. The sensors are power washed every day with high pressure jet, so IP69K is a must for this application.

Broadsens's SVT-A and SVT-V sensors can monitor the production line continuously non-stop. Paired with Broadsens's edge-computing wireless gateways, several GBs of production data can be collected in a short time for predictive maintenance purpose. The wireless gateways come with large storge space (64GB in default), which allows for edge-computing and save bandwidth to send data to remote sites.


Wireless vibration & temperature sensor with IP69K rating

The IP69K rating case can be provided to all SVT-A and SVT-V series sensors. With IP69K rating, the industry's best wireless vibration & temperature sensor system can help industry improve efficiency and reduce machine downtime.