Long Range wireless vibration sensors released

As an industrial leader of wireless vibration and temperature sensors, Broadsens releases SVT-L series vibration sensors that can reach up to 1km range in open space (line of sight). The SVT-L series sensors integrate wireless accelerometer and temperature IC. SVT-L series sensors have the longest range among high performance wireless vibration sensors (based on BLE or Zigbee technology)  in the industry. Different from LoRa sensors (which is for very low data rate and very long distance), the SVT-L series sensors can transfer much larger amount of raw acceleration (vibration) data with comparable low power consumption.

The long-range wireless vibration sensors includes SVT-LA sub series and SVT-LV series. SVT-LA sub series include SVT200-LA, SVT300-LA and SVT400-LA, which operates exactly the same as the SVT-A series sensors, but triples the transmission range. SVT-LV sub series include SVT200-LV, SVT300-LV and SVT400-LV. They also operate exactly the same as the SVT-V series sensors with longer distance. Users can add, delete or change the sensor description like the standard SVT-A and SVT-V series sensors.

The SVT-L series sensors use ER18505 battery for higher power consumption than standard Broadsens sensors. The long-range wireless vibration sensor has an integrated power amplifier to boost both the transmission and receive signal. The transmission signal strength is up to 20dBi, which meets the FCC/IC and CE regulations.

The SVT-L series sensors are ideal for applications that require longer distance, or in locations where there is strong interference from structures. Users can use the longer range sensors to replace the standard sensors for these applications. The SVT-L series sensors work with Broadsens's edge-computing gateways exactly the same as the standard range sensors.

The weight of the SVT-L series sensors is 117 g (4.1 oz) including battery. The size of the sensor is 37x71 mm (1.46x2.80 inch) diameter x height.

Long range wireless vibration sensor

SVT-L series long range wireless vibration sensors are available to order starting from March, 2024. Please contact Broadsens for details.

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    buy sell trade USA - March 6, 2024

    This was… how do I say it? Relevant!!
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    Hopkins - March 21, 2024

    The long-range wireless vibration sensors look like perfect solution for our applications. Regular sensors do not have good signals

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    LouisDem - May 31, 2024

    This long-range and high-speed wireless sensor is one of the best vibration monitoring solutions in the market. Thank you!

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