Modbus Support of Wireless Vibration and Temperature Sensors

Broadsens’s true real-time wireless vibration and temperature sensor system now supports Modbus TCP now. SVT200-V, SVT300-V and SVT400-V are the only true real-time wireless vibration and temperature sensors with four-year or more battery life in typical usage. The sensors are ideal for manufacturing, civil structures, compressors, train and heavy machinery, mining, food processing, chemical and many other applications that require continuous monitoring. The immediate response of from these real-time wireless vibration and temperature sensors ensure the safe operation of critical machines and structures.

Wireless vibration & temperature sensor for heavy machine monitoring

Heavy machine condition monitoring

AC motor predictive maintenance with wireless vibration sensor

Predictive maintenance with wireless vibrationsensor

The new Modbus TCP interface allows the vibration and temperature sensors data to be read by machines and PLCs that support Modbus TCP protocol. The sensors come with innovative dynamic sample design, which samples x, y and z axes acceleration continuously, and switches to 6.4kHz sampling rate immediately if the acceleration exceeds 0.1g in any of the axes for more than 330ms. The sensor acquires a fixed number of samples, calculates velocity RMS and acceleration RMS value, and sends the result plus temperature to the wireless gateway. BroadVibra software is installed the gateway and can add the Modbus TCP node per user's request. Once activated, then user can read the vibration and temperature values via Modbus TCP interface.

Continuous real time vibration data from SVT-V sensors

Live data from real time SVT-V series wireless vibration sensor

24hr history data review of wireless vibration sensor

History data review of vibration data

Each SVT-V series sensor’s data and information include: time stamp, sensor ID, sensor group, MAC address, RSSI, battery level, firmware version, vibration velocity RMS in x, y and z axis, acceleration RMS in x, y and z axis, and temperature measurement. Time stamp includes year, month, date, hour, minute and second, and it occupies 6 registers.

The default Modbus TCP port for Broadsens gateway is 10502. The port can be modified to "502" or any available ports at the gateway. Please contact Broadsens for the Modbus guide on how to change the Modbus port.

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