Multichannel Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge UT200S Improvements

The popular multichannel ultrasonic thickness gauge UT200S is ideal for robotic-based structure inspection such as thickness measurements. UT200S gets a performance boost recently. There are two major improvements for UT200S:

  1. Improved auto gain adjustment ability. UT200S comes with automatic VGC (Voltage Gain Controller) adjustment ability, which allows it to adjust the gain automatically by clicking a button. Thickness measurement with UT200S is easy with little calibration required. The new upgrade provides more accurate auto gain than before. Before the upgrade, when a probe is not connected to a channel, the auto VGC may accidently set the gain to the maximum value, which could increase the interference to other ultrasonic channels. The new firmware update uses filtered signal for the VGC checking, which removes the environment noise that could affect the automatic gain adjustment accuracy.
  2. Improved echo-echo mode for high thickness structures. For thick structures, UT200S provides the ability to add receive delays to expand the measurement range effectively. Another option is to increase the sampling points, which can also improve the thickness measurement range. For thick structures, sometimes there is unwanted small echo signal between the true echo signals. This improved echo-echo mode removes this small unwanted disturbance automatically, hence giving more consistent results.
Ultrasonic thickness gauge UT200S front view

UT200S with enclosure front view

Ultrasonic thickness gauge UT200S back view

UT200S with enclosure back view

Broadsens will continue improving UT200S for ultrasonic automatic inspection industry. UT200S can also be used for online monitoring with the automatic measurement ability. API examples and source codes are provided for customer to develop their own control software for multichannel ultrasonic measurements.

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  1. Warmil - May 9, 2022

    Multichannel ultrasonic thickness measurement is pretty useful for our applications. Can we do online pipeline corrosion monitoring with UT200S?

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