New Edge-Computing Wireless Gateway GU300

Broadsens is pleased to announce a new edge-computing wireless Gateway GU300 that control advanced wireless vibration and temperature sensors. GU300 has all the advantages of GU200S including a powerful 4-core 1.5GHz processor, extended range to the sensors, and integrated database. GU300 has the following improvements on the popular edge-computing wireless gateway GU200S:

  1. Added two GPIO ports. The GPIO ports can be configured as either inputs or outputs by software. One limitation of GU200S is the lack of GPIO ports that interface with other hardware devices directly. GU300 addresses this issue and allows user to configure the GPIO ports with programming software such as Python, C/C++ or JavaScript.
  2. Added RS485 port. With the RS485 port, GU300 can support Modbus RTU sensors and read the sensors result to the gateway. Then the data can be sent out with MQTT protocol. GU200S only supports Modbus TCP function, while GU300 supports both Modbus TCP and Modbus RTU.
  3. An additional power supply connector. This power supply connector is used for applications with strong vibration. Power can be provided through the vibration-resistant connector for reliable operations. This additional power supply connector can also be used to power other sensors such as Modbus RTU sensors.
  4. Faster internal data transmission bus. The internal data transfer of GU300 is three times faster than GU200S. This creates opportunities for future sensor data speed boost.
Wireless gateway GU300 top view
wireless gateway GU300 front view
wireless gateway GU300 side view

The size of GU300 is 12x14x3 cm ( 4.7x5.5x1.2 in). The weight of GU300 is 490g (17 oz).

GU300 also has a higher storage capacity option, that offers up to 128GB storage.

A reset button is also added to the wireless gateway, that allows user to reset the network configuration to factory default in case that there is an IP conflict.

GU300 is available to order in July, 2023 and ready to ship out by the end of July, 2023. Please contact Broadsens for more details and price information.

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