Newly improved multichannel ultrasonic thickness gauge

Broadsens just released the second generation of high resolution multichannel ultrasonic thickness gauge UT200S. The newly improved UT200S supports both echo-echo mode and first-echo mode thickness measurement with a resolution of 0.001mm. It has the ability of automatically adjust gains for each channels. The scan speed is also improved compared to the last version.

Lastly but not the least: the connectors are changed into LEMO 00 connectors from SMB connectors. This makes UT200S support most general ultrasonic thickness probes on the market.

The following are the main specs of UT200S:
• Excitation frequency: 5MHz
• Ultrasonic wave speed: 1,000-9,999m/s
• Measurement range: 2mm - 100mm typical (expandable)
• Resolution: 0.001 mm
• Measurement mode: first-echo; echo-echo (2 or 3 echoes auto-select)
• Real-time waveform display function on remote Windows computer
• 32GB data storage microSD card
• 10/100 Ethernet connection
• Power supply: Isolated power supply module for high performance.
• Size: 122 x 106 x 29 mm
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OEM multichannel ultrasonic thickness gauge for robotic inspection