Periodic Timer and Synchronized Multi DAQ

Broadsens is excited to add two new features to the popular ultra-low power wireless vibration sensors: periodic DAQ ability and synchronized multi DAQ mode.

Periodic DAQ ability.

If enabled, this ability is added for each timer. There could be multiple groups of SVTA-series wireless vibration sensors for a Broadsens wireless gateway. Each group can also have multiple SVT-A series sensors. Each group can have multiple timers too. Each timer can have a starting time, and ending time. For example, group "08" can have a starting time of 8:00am and ending time of 11:00am. When periodic DAQ is enabled, then one can specify the sensors in a group to take data periodically. For example, a period of 10 minutes and DAQ duration of 2 minutes can be added to the timer from 8:00am to 11:00am. Then the wireless vibration sensors in group "08" will take data at 8:00am for 2 minutes; 8:10am for 2 minutes; 8:20am for 2 minutes ..., until 11:00am the timer stops.

Auto timer for vibration sensor data acquisition

Synchronized multi DAQ mode

Wireless vibration sensors at the same group can be synchronized to take data in multi DAQ mode now. In this mode, all sensors start taking a fixed number of samples at a specified sampling rate (400Hz up to 25.6kHz) at the same time, and transferring the data to the gateway wirelessly; when all sensors finished transferring the samples, then they start taking another fixed number of samples at the given sampling rate at the same time, and transferring the data to the gateway again. This process is repeated until a user manually stops the data acquisition, or a timer sends out the "stop" command automatically.

The selectable sample points are: 2,048, 4,096, 8,192 and 16,384. The synchronize number currently is limited from 2 to 4 sensors. There is no limit on how long a user wants to take data. This long-time data acquisition ability makes Broadsens's wireless vibration sensors one of the best in the industry.

This data acquisition is very useful to monitor the machine condition for a long period of time. With all sensors are synchronized to take data in the same group, the data can be compared with each other and find potential defects of the machine.

Both new features can be found at the latest vibration sensor control and analysis software BroadVibra version 2.2.2 and later.

Multi wireless vibration sensor continuous data acquisition

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  1. Radal Jovan - February 6, 2022

    Very useful feature. Can we obtain some samples of the wireless vibration sensors?

  2. Brian Neio - February 15, 2022

    Can we ask for a demo of your wireless vibration system?

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