Real-time wireless vibration monitoring of Pipe

Broadsens just increased its lead as one of the best wireless vibration sensor manufacturers in the industry. Broadsens upgraded its high performance real-time wireless vibration and temperature sensor SVT200-V again. The response time is increased from 1s to be less than 0.5 second. This makes SVT200-V response at least 100 times faster than other real-time wireless vibration sensors in the market. In the previous version, it is also possible for SVT200-V to miss some impacts if the impact event falls out of the monitoring window. In this new design, SVT200-V monitors the vibration event continuously without any gap. The power consumption is still comparable to the previous version, and it is the best in the industry.

In this application, SVT200-V is used for pipe monitoring. Broadsens's ultra-low power wireless vibration sensor SVT200-V is designed for real-time vibration and temperature monitoring.  SVT200-V has similar or even longer battery life than similar wireless vibration sensors and it has much smaller size. This is all thanks to Broadsens's innovative design and constant R&D investment.


wireless vibration sensor for pipe monitoring
Small vibration signal when pump is idle

Pump is in idle state. Small vibration level

compact wireless vibration sensor mounted on pipe
Vibration signal when pumps starts running

Pump starts running. Vibration sensor #1 shows the sudden increase of vibration levels

SVT200-V is easy to mount with screws, ties, hanging wires or epoxy. In the following application, hanging wire is used to mount one sensor (sensor #1) on the pipe close to the hot water pump. We used two real-time wireless vibration monitoring sensors SVT200-V in this setup.

Another sensor #11 is mounted in another spot with lower temperature. The pictures show a clear comparison before the pump is on and after the pump is on. There is a sudden jump of vibration velocity and acceleration RMS value from sensor #1 when the pump is turned on.

When there is no vibration, SVT200-V sends out measurements every 10s. When there is vibration detected, the wireless vibration sensor switches to high frequency data acquisition mode and sends out measurements within 0.5s continuously.

Innovative design makes SVT200-V can detect both low frequency defects and high frequency defects with the machines.

5 thoughts on “Real-time wireless vibration monitoring of Pipe

  1. Kyle - January 19, 2022

    Found that your real-time wireless vibration monitoring feature is very useful.

  2. Tracy Zeng - January 21, 2022

    Amazing wireless vibration sensor in a tiny package.

  3. Sam L - January 27, 2022

    Great product for real-time vibration monitoring. Saved us from an expensive repair due to the sensor’s immediate alarm feature. Thank you.

  4. Amol Jadhav - February 2, 2023

    We need vibration temperature sensors to detect ac motors vibration n send it on cloud for further processing

    1. admin - February 13, 2023

      @Kyle, Tracy & Sam, thank you very much!
      @Amol, yes both our A-series and V-series wireless vibration and temperature sensors can do the job well.

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