Real-time Wireless Vibration & Temperature Sensor Upgrade

One of the best real-time wireless vibration & temperature sensors just gets better. There are four major improvements on Broadsens's popular SVT-V series real-time wireless vibration monitoring product line:

1. Broadsens calibrated the SVT200-V wireless vibration sensor based on ISO 10816 standard. Before firmware version 2.5, SVT200-V measures relative velocity, acceleration RMS and temperature. The wireless vibration sensor can monitor vibration events in real time with the combination of fast response and long-lasting battery life. No other wireless vibration sensors come close to its performance in terms of performance, physical size, weight and environment survivability. But users have to manually calculate the velocity RMS value using multiple measurements from the SVT200-V sensor, which makes it inconvenient. From firmware version 2.5 and above, SVT200-V will output velocity RMS, acceleration RMS and temperature in default. The velocity RMS value can be compared with the ISO 10816 standard to quickly tell the overall condition of a machine.

2. SVT-V series sensors can be ordered in the M6 screw package (SVT-A series package) too. It means that an SVT-V sensor can be mounted with screws, studs, epoxy, magnet bases, mounting pads. At the same time, an SVT-A sensor can be ordered in screw mount package (SVT-V series package)

SVT-V vibration sensor in two package types

Real time vibration velocity RMS, acceleration RMS and temperature measurements

3. Real-time wireless vibration sensors SVT300-V and SVT400-V for high acceleration range applications. SVT200-V can meet the requirements for most vibration requirements. However, there are cases that need high g range. SVT300-V has a maximum range of 16g. SVT400-V has a maximum range of 64g. The default packages of SVT300-V and SVT400-V are in the M6 screw hold package (SVT-A series package). Screw mount package similar to SVT200-V can also be ordered with a longer lead time.

4. There is no need to manually remove acceleration RMS offset at the BroadVibra vibration analysis software now. SVT-V series wireless vibration sensors newly improved intelligent algorithm removed the DC offset automatically. Instead, BroadVibra software added the ISO 10816 vibration velocity reference table, which makes it more convenient to tell the vibration severity of machines. This feature makes it very convenient for machine condition monitoring.

True real-time vibration monitoring

ISO 10816 vibration severity reference

Wireless vibration sensors SVT200-V, SVT300-V and SVT400-V require to be used with Broadsens's wireless gateway and BroadVibra vibration monitoring software. The innovative design of Broadsens's ultra-low power communication protocol allows the system to achieve the best battery efficiency in the industry. The wireless vibration sensors, wireless gateways and vibration monitoring software provide an intelligent solution for predictive maintenance and machine condition monitoring.

2 thoughts on “Real-time Wireless Vibration & Temperature Sensor Upgrade

  1. Reply
    Nick - October 5, 2022

    This upgrade is excellent. Your wireless vibration sensors are no double some of the best in the industry. Your technology is at least 1-2 years ahead of other wireless vibration sensors that we used before.

  2. Reply
    Rob - October 9, 2022

    Thank you very much Nick! More updates are coming on our wireless vibration analysis software in the next 3 months.

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