Sneak peek of wireless vibration sensor SVT200-V

Broadsens has been working on one of the most exciting wireless vibration sensors, which is called SVT200-V. SVT200-V aims for ultra low power design, super easy usage and reliability. We are excited to share some sneak peek of this upcoming best wireless vibration sensors in the industry. One major feature of the wireless vibration sensor SVT200-V is the ability to monitor vibration level continuously for a long, long time. How long is it? The current estimate is more than five years. This makes SVT200-V the only wireless vibration sensor that can monitor machine conditions continuously and send out monitoring result continuously for more than five years. Most wireless vibration sensors will take data 1-2 times a day and then go to sleep. Or some wireless vibration sensors take data continuously and are out of battery in several days. SVT200-V takes vibration level measurements constantly and send out the measurements to Broadsens's wireless gateway.

SVT200-V integrates an intelligent algorithm inside the wireless vibration sensor that adjusts the data output rate dynamically. When a vibration is detected, the wireless vibration sensor SVT200-V sends out more vibration measurements. When nothing happens, SVT200-V will send out less measurements. The frequency of vibration measurements by SVT200-V is also much higher than any other wireless vibration sensors in the industry. SVT200-V sends out vibration level measurements in the interval of 2s up to 10s, compared to minutes interval from other wireless vibration sensors. By doing all the data acquisition, data processing inside the wireless vibration sensor, SVT200-V reduces the load at the wireless gateway.

Similar to Broadsens's SVT100-A wireless vibration sensor, SVT200-V is also compact and light weight. The size of SVT200-V is less than half of other wireless vibration sensors. These features are made possible by Broadsens engineers' years of effort and expertise in ultra-low power wireless design.

SVT200-V is currently under intensive testing and the formal picture is not released yet. But here is the vibration screen shot from the wireless gateway. SVT200-V not only measures the overall vibration level, but also the machine/structure surface temperature. The temperature sensor is mounted on the bottom of the sensor that is in contact with the machine/structure structure. This design enables SVT200-V have better temperature accuracy. Most other wireless vibration sensors can only measure the environment temperature, which could be more than 10-degree difference from the machine surface temperature.

Overall vibration measurement

The measurement result from SVT200-V wireless vibration sensor can be interpreted directly with ISO vibration standard. By referring to the vibration severity level defined by ISO 10816, vibration monitoring and analysis has never been easier. ISO 10816 establishes the general conditions and procedures for measurement and evaluation of vibrations from the non-rotating parts of machines.

ISO 10816 standard vibration reference table


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  1. Jau BRK - August 12, 2021

    Excited to see this new wireless vibration sensor. Exactly what we are looking for!

  2. AhnirIV - August 24, 2021

    This is an amazing wireless vibration sensor. So much better than Fluke’s 3561.

  3. tarndean - July 7, 2022

    We purchased some SVT200-V real-time wireless vibration sensors when it first came out. I must say, it is simply the best real-time wireless vibration sensors in the industry right now. We were able to detect a shaft failure in real-time and repair it quickly. Thank you so much!

  4. мусора - January 21, 2023

    Very useful information in this particular post!
    Many thanks for sharing the new wireless vibration sensors!

  5. lakesha ross - February 21, 2023

    Excellent wireless sensors, very innovative technology.

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