SVT-C Series Wireless Vibration Sensors Released

Broadsens is pleased to release the smallest wireless vibration and temperature sensors in the industry, the SVT-C series wireless vibration & temperature sensors. SVT-C series sensors use external 9-36V DC input, which targets customers who want to use the latest wireless technology, but also have access to the power supply and want to avoid the hassle of replacing the sensor batteries. A typical application of the SVT-C series sensors is the spindle machine condition monitoring and predictive maintenance. Spindle machines have access to 24V DC power supply with tight spaces. SVT-C series sensors can be mounted inside spindle machines and monitor the crucial components continuously.

SVT-C series sensors include two options: SVT-CA and SVT-CV. SVT-CA matches the standard SVT-A series sensor functions, while SVT-CV matches the standard SVT-V series sensor functions. Please refer to this article on the difference between SVT-A and SVT-V series sensors. The following SVT-C series sensor models are provided: SVT200-CA, SVT300-CA, SVT400-CA, SVT200-CV, SVT300-CV and SVT400-CV.

Wireless vibration sensor SVT200-C hold by hand
Wireless vibration sensor SVT200-C with external power

Slightly bigger than finger nails, SVT-C series wireless vibration sensors have the smallest footprints in the industry. The sensors can fit into extremely tight spaces, and perform measurements and send data out wirelessly. The enclosure of the sensors are made of stainless steel and industrial plastics, which are resistant to corrosion, vibration and pressure. The sensors should be mounted with epoxy. There is an MOQ (minimum order quantity) of ten SVT-C sensors.

As the most advanced wireless vibration sensor provider in the industry, Broadsens has the largest selection of wireless vibration and temperature sensors. With the release of SVT-C series sensors, Broadsens further enhanced its leadership in the wireless vibration & temperature sensors and wireless IIOT.

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