SVT300-A and SVT400-A are coming

Ultra-low power wireless vibration sensors SVT300-A and SVT400-A will be coming to Broadsens's machine condition monitoring and predictive maintenance system soon. Broadsens aims to provide the best wireless vibration sensors in the industry. SVT300-A offers the following acceleration measurement ranges: +/-2g, +/-4g, +/-8g and +/-16g; SVT400-A offers the following acceleration measurement ranges: +/-8g, +/-16g, +/-32g and +/-64g. The acceleration ranges are adjustable via the BroadVibra software. These two upcoming ultra-low power wireless vibration sensors will provide complete vibration monitoring solutions combined with SVT200-A and SVT200-V wireless vibration sensors. SVT200-A offers the best sensitivity range among the three models, SVT300-A covers the mostly commonly used acceleration ranges with excellent signal to noise ratio, and SVT400-A is ideal for high vibration environments with acceleration up to 64g.


Similar to SVT200-A, SVT300-A and SVT400-A wireless vibration sensors provide the best battery efficiency in the industry. The typical current consumption is 2.1uA when the sensors are idle. In real-time mode, the average current consumption is less than 200uA including data acquisition and transmission. Both upcoming sensors have the same footage as SVT200-A. They also have two base material options: hardened aluminum alloy 6061 for light-weight applications, and stainless steel for highly corrosive environments. For typical applications, it is recommended to use the hardened aluminum alloy 6061 due to its light weight property, which has less intrusion for vibration monitoring. Please note that even the stainless steel version of Broadsens' wireless vibration sensors are much lighter than most other wireless vibration sensors. A bulky vibration sensor will affect the vibration measurement accuracy.

SVT300-A and SVT400-A also have adjustable sampling rate from 50Hz up to 25.6kHz in different sampling modes. Therefore, the operation of SVT300-A and SVT400-A are exactly the same as the ultra-low power wireless vibration sensor SVT200-A. Broadsens A-series wireless vibration sensors are ideal for machine condition monitoring and predictive maintenance purpose. These sensors should be used with Broadsens's edge computing wireless gateway for advanced vibration analysis.

3D model of wireless vibration sensor SVT300-A

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  1. Natalia - December 2, 2021

    When can they be available? Can you send me a quote for wireless vibration sensor SVT300-A and gateway?

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