SVT300-A and SVT400-A Ready, New Vibration DAQ Mode

New ultra-low power wireless vibration sensors SVT300-A and SVT400-A are available to pre-order now! Please be aware of that SVT400-A has more than 2-month shipping lead time since they are all pre-booked after the news announcement. We will do our best to make SVT400-A available ASAP. The major difference between wireless vibration sensors SVT200-A, SVT300-A and SVT400-A is the acceleration range. Here is the summary:

Wireless vibration sensorAcceleration range
SVT200-A+/-2g, +/-4g, +/-8g
SVT300-A+/-2g, +/-4g, +/-8g, +/-16g
SVT400-A+/-8g, +/-16g, +/-32g, +/-64g
Compact wireless Vibration sensors with different acceleration range

Wireless Vibration sensors SVT200-A, SVT300-A and SVT400-A

SVT200-A has the best vibration sensitivity, SVT300-A covers the most commonly used acceleration range with the same noise performance as the SVT200-A, and SVT400-A covers the high acceleration applications such as online train pantograph monitoring or train bogie vibration monitoring. SVT400-A also has excellent signal to noise ratio compared to other wireless vibration sensors in the industry. Combined with Broadsens wireless gateway and vibration analysis software, Broadsens provides one of the best wireless vibration monitoring solutions in the industry. Broadsens's A-series wireless vibration sensors (SVT200-A, SVT300-A and SVT400-A) have the most advanced wireless data acquisition and transmission technology in the industry.

New Multi DAQ mode

An exciting new vibration data acquisition mode is available for Broadsens ultra-low power wireless vibration sensors. The new mode is called multi DAQ mode. The multi DAQ mode is basically automatic repeated run of single DAQ modes. The multi DAQ mode allows continuous data acquisition at user specified sampling rate and sample points. The sampling rate is guaranteed at the sensor side, which makes this mode extremely useful for vibration frequency domain analysis. Compared to single DAQ mode, the multi DAQ mode can take data continuously non-stop. All wireless gateways with vibration analysis software BroadVibra version 2.1.6 and later will have this mode. Previous version of wireless vibration sensors should also upgrade the firmware to have the capability.

New advanced wireless acceleration data acquisition