Trigger Mode Added to SVT-A Series Wireless Vibration Sensors

New advanced trigger mode was added to Broadsens's SVT-A series ultra-low power wireless vibration and temperature sensors. This advanced trigger mode has a large 3,120 bytes pre-trigger buffer, which allows the sensor to capture 520 16-bit pre-trigger samples in all x, y and z axes. The sample rate of the trigger mode is user-adjustable from 400Hz up to 25.6kHz, with adjustable sample points from 2,048 up to 16,384 in three axes. The advanced trigger mode further solidifies Broadsens's position as one of the best wireless vibration sensor providers in the industry.

The trigger mode applies to all Broadsens's SVT-A series wireless vibration sensors SVT200-A, SVT300-A and SVT400-A.

Conveyor system monitoring with SVT300-A wireless vibration sensor in trigger mode

Trigger mode is especially useful to capture critical events, and ignore regular vibrations. Trigger mode is very effective to capture shock events with its generous pre-trigger buffer.

In the application of conveyor system vibration condition monitoring and predictive maintenance, a threshold level of 0.5g is defined for four SVT300-A sensors. When the absolute value of the acceleration level at x, y or z axis of the sensor exceeds 0.5g, then the sensor will mark the vibration event, save up to 520 pre-trigger samples, and continue capturing vibration event until the specified samples are collected. The trigger level can be adjusted from 0.1g to 25.5g. If the motor is not rotating, then the sensor is continuously capturing data in a circular buffer in specified sample rate. In this application, 3.2kHz sample rate is used.

Multiple SVT300-A wireless vibration and temperature sensors in the same group can be set up to capture critical events. In the above conveyor system monitoring, sensors S1, S2, S3 and S4 are waiting for the trigger event. When the motor rotates and the vibration level exceeds 0.5g, then the sensor records 16,384 samples data, and send the data to Broadsens's wireless gateway. The BroadVibra software shows the vibration curve in real time. The vibration curve can also be reviewed and analyzed in the FFT analysis page. The time waveform of sensor S1 (id 12) is shown in the following picture:

Trigger mode time domain waveform

Trigger mode can be used together with Broadsens's advanced timer by the BroadVibra software in the gateway. The time allows user to set up continuous DAQ, or periodic DAQ. The timer also allows user to specify which days and what time to start taking data. For example, user can set up the timer to take data from Monday to Saturday, and from 9am to 6pm. Then a periodic DAQ can be added for the sensors in the same group to monitor the trigger event continuously. The DAQ period can be set up at 5 minutes, and the DAQ duration can be set up at 5 minutes. Then the system can monitor trigger event non-stop.


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