Ultrasonic thickness gauge UT200S with Enclosure

We are happy to offer the high resolution multichannel ultrasonic thickness gauge UT200S with enclosure. This make UT200S easy to be used for online corrosion monitoring of water pipes or large containers. With extremely high resolution of 0.001mm and network remote control ability, one can monitor the thickness loss of structures easily from a remote site. The UT200S with enclosure can also be integrated easily with a robot for NDT inspection of boiler tubes or large pipes.

Multiple ultrasonic thickness gauge UT200S can be used for large structure health monitoring, with each UT200S using one IP address.

Exciting new algorithm is also added for the measurement of thickness in different situations such as inside a water tank when the ultrasonic probe is a few mms away from the structure.

Multichannel ultrasonic thickness gauge UT200S with generic enclosure