Vibration Analysis Software BroadVibra gets a boost

We are excited to have some major upgrades to the vibration analysis and control software BroadVibra. The upgrades includes both the vibration analysis functions and the wireless vibration sensor control, and vibration data visualization. The details are as follows:

  • Added the following vibration analysis parameters for machine predictive maintenance. From the trend of the curves, a user can predict the condition of machines. The new parameters include: Kurtosis, Crest factor and skewness. Kurtosis reflects the characteristic of random variable distribution, and the kurtosis value of bearing vibration signal generally varies between 3 and 45. Compared with RMS, kurtosis is sensitive to early fault. Crest factor is defined as the ratio of peak value and RMS. The threshold value can be used to judge physical condition of bearing. Skewness is the characteristic parameter to attribute asymmetry degree of probability density curve relative to the shock and vibration.

Vibration peak trend analysis

  • Optimized wireless vibration sensor control. Now the DAQ adjustment is at the same panel as the live chart. One can observe the live charts conveniently and also adjust the wireless vibration sensor settings easily. Live acceleration and temperature data display is one major advantage of Broadsens's wireless systems. Most other wireless IOT systems does not allow real-time data visualization ability.
  • Adjusted the layout of the chart display. The new vibration and temperature data visualization has 30% more viewing area than before.
  • Give users more flexibility to add and even delete sensors.
  • Wireless vibration sensor selection for Vibration FFT analysis now uses sensor name, instead of ids. This is more convenient for users to make the correct selection.

Live wireless vibration sensor data

More exciting improvements are on the way.

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  1. Susette - September 29, 2021

    Thanks for the new features. Very useful for predictive maintenance

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