Winner of IOT Kit Thingy:52

We are a lucky winner of the popular IOT development kit Thingy:52 from OEM Secrets! The Thingy:52™ is an easy-to-use prototyping platform, designed to help in building prototypes. This is very helpful for us to improve our current popular ultra low power wireless vibration sensor SVT100-A and ultra low power wireless temperature sensor SVT100-T. Thingy:52 is built around a low power Bluetooth 5 SoC.

Thingy:52 for wireless IOT development

Thingy:52 consists of the following sensors: temperature, humidity & barometric pressure sensor, accelerometer, Air quality sensor and 9-axis (DOF) motion sensor. All sensors can be configured over-the-air using Bluetooth Low Energy APP. It connects to Bluetooth Low Energy-enabled smart phones, tablets, laptops and similar devices, and it sends/receives data from/to its sensors/actuators to an app or cloud. Thingy:52 even comes with an NFC antenna, which makes it easy to set up via NFC. Thingy:52 also has 1 button and 1 RGB LED that can change color. It even comes with a micro speaker that can play sounds and tunes downloaded from the phone.

Thingy:52 is powered with a rechargeable Li-Po battery that can be charged via USB.

We are excited to improve our current ultra low power wireless vibration sensor and temperature sensor using the ideas from Thingy:52. Actually, Broadsens will be releasing new ultra low power wireless vibration sensor soon. All Broadsens wireless sensors connect to Broadsens's wireless gateway. The base software is ready and it is under intensive testing right now. We also improved our batch mode speed dramatically to make the vibration analysis in time domain and frequency easier than before. The following is a zoomed in view of the vibration data.

wireless vibration data with group monitoring ability

Finally, we would like to take the opportunity to thank OEM Secrets for sending us the prize. OEM Secrets is a safe market place for buyers and engineers to search inventory, compare prices and buy electronic components online. One may use to search a manufacturer part number and compare pricing and inventory from 120+ electronic component distributors. Enter a quantity to find the best match and buy directly from distributors.