Wireless Gateway Software Enhancements

Broadsens's wireless gateway software BroadVibra got new improvements. The software new version is 2.7.0, which offers the following new features:

  1. Multiple group support for real-time wireless vibration and temperature sensors SVT200-V, SVT300-V and SVT400-V. Before version 2.7.0, each gateway only supports a single group of SVT-V series sensors. The multiple group ability allows at least 30 SVT-V series sensors connect to the gateway and send out overall vibration measurements in real time.
  2. New miniature wireless temperature sensor SVT200-T support. SVT200-T is one of the best wireless temperatures sensors for industrial applications with wide temperature range, the shortest measurement interval with one of the longest battery life. The new software allows each gateway to support up to 100 SVT200-T sensors
  3. Optimizing memory usage for live vibration data display, and the ability to hide a sensor type's information table.
Realtime wireless vibration sensors data live view

There are 256 groups available for SVT-V series sensors. The number of groups can be extended to 65535 for very large-scale applications. Each group's real-time wireless vibration data can be observed in real time. Multiple sensors belong to the same group. So user can mount several SVT-V series sensors in the same group to monitor a large machine's condition.

The sensor data are saved in the time-series database inside the gateway. Each group's data can be reviewed together. User can also select individual sensor's data to review. With the "step forward" and "step backward" button, user can see the machine's condition in any time. The true real-time vibration monitoring ability of SVT200-V, SVT300-V and SVT400-V make them ideal for machine condition monitoring and predictive analysis.

User can also mount sensors in the same group to different machines.

The new software can be obtained through Broadsens's tech support. BroadVibra software can be updated with easy 1-click upload.