Wireless high temperature sensor SVT200-T is coming

Wireless high temperature sensor SVT200-T is coming soon! This high performance miniaturized wireless temperature sensor SVT200-T is an upgrade to the ultra-low power wireless temperature sensor SVT100-T. Similar to SVT100-T, SVT200-T also measures contact surface temperature. But wireless temperature sensor SVT200-T offers a much wider temperature range than SVT100-T. Both sensors are designed for industrial usage and can survive harsh environments with IP68 water proof rating.

With the new design, SVT200-T can work in high temperature up to 105 degree Celsius (221 degree Fahrenheit), and as low as -50 degree Celsius (-58 degree Fahrenheit).

Wireless miniaturized high temperature sensor SVT200-T 3D model

The following is a comparison of SVT200-T with SVT100-T.

Wireless temperature sensorsSVT100-TSVT200-T
Temperature range-30 - 75 degree Celsius (-22 - 167 degree Fahrenheit)-50 - 105 degree Celsius (-58 - 221 degree Fahrenheit)
Size34mm (diameter) x 21mm (height) (1.34inx0.83in)39mm (diameter) x 14mm (height) (1.53inx0.55in)
Battery lifeMore than 10 yearsMore than 10 years
Mounting & reusabilityEpoxy/not reusableEpoxy/reusable

Wireless high temperature sensor SVT200-T comes with food-grade safe metal base, which makes the sensor reusable. SVT200-T sends out temperature measurement every 15 seconds, which makes it one of the fastest wireless temperature sensors in the industry.

This miniaturized wireless high temperature sensor is also very low profile, which allows the sensor to be mounted in very tight spaces.

With all the added benefits, this miniaturized wireless high temperature sensor is also 20% cheaper than SVT100-T. So we are discontinuing SVT100-T and please use the latest high-performance, wide wireless temperature sensor SVT200-T in the future.