Wireless Temperature Sensor SVT200-T Measuring Contact Temperature

Ultra-low power wireless temperature SVT200-T measures contact surface temperature. Most wireless temperature sensors in the market can only measure the ambient temperature. Thanks to the innovative design from Broadsens, SVT200-T's temperature sensor IC's heat pad is located at the bottom of the sensor. SVT200-T's bottom is made of heat conductive metal, which transfers the heat to the measuring area of the sensor. To measure the contact surface temperature more accurately, user should put the top of SVT200-T close to the measurement area. The side wall of the metal base has vertical threads. The thread on the temperature sensor area is removed, so that user can identify the top quickly (Figure 1). It is the best to arrange the measurement area close to the sensor location for more accurate contact surface temperature measurement (Figure 2).

Wireless temperature sensor SVT200-T measurement spot

Figure 1. Removed thread area shows temperature measurement spot

Wireless temperature sensor SVT200-T measurement area

Figure 2. Recommended contact surface measurement area

Wireless temperature sensor SVT200-T has the best battery efficiency in the industry in terms of measurement frequency. It measures contact surface temperature every 15s, compared to 1 minute to several hours frequency from other sensors. This make SVT200-T one of the best wireless temperature sensors in the industry. SVT200-T is for sale now and can be ordered from Broadsens or its distributors worldwide.