Wireless Vibration Analysis Software Improved Live Data Display

One important feature of Broadsens's ultra-low power wireless vibration sensors is the live data display ability. Vibration curves of multiple triaxial  wireless sensors can be observed in real time through a web browser remotely. This feature help vibration analysts know what is going on with the machines immediately. Traditionally, live data view is only available to wired sensors, or power hungry WIFI sensors. Broadsens's innovative technology enables live data view with long-lasting battery life.

Recently, live data view gets a big boost: more than 10 times more data can be observed in live-view mode with BroadVibra vibration sensor control and analysis software. The new display interface shows a lot more details than before. You can also zoom in the vibration curves to see more details. Detailed vibration data view has to be done in history data review before this update.

Wireless vibration sensor data live display

Wireless vibration sensor data live display

In the left figure, there are four ultra-low power wireless vibration sensors taking data in synchronized multi-DAQ mode. In synchronized DAQ mode, all sensors in the same group start taking data at the same time. Two SVT300-A sensors and two SVT400-A sensors take data at fixed sampling rate of 3.2kHz. In each iteration of DAQ, 2,048 sample points (adjustable) are taken. The process repeats itself until user stops the process, or automatic timers turns off the DAQ.

The sample points can be adjusted from 2,048 up to 16,384 points, which can be used for vibration FFT analysis. Data are saved in time-series database in default. Each gateway can control multiple wireless vibration sensor groups. In each group, there could be multiple sensors.

Wireless vibration data can be sent out to local servers or cloud servers in real-time by turning on the data transfer switch. The default data transfer protocol is MQTT, which is based on TCP/IP interface. Besides vibration data, temperature data are also collected in a much slower rate, since temperature changes much slowly. It is desirable to have both vibration and temperature information for machine condition monitoring and predictive maintenance.

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  1. Somon - May 29, 2022

    This feature is very useful for real-time vibration monitoring and analysis. Thank you!

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