Wireless Vibration Sensor Magnet Mounts and 64-bit OS

We have two good news to share with everyone: The first news is that we have limited stocks of magnet mounts for our ultra-low power wireless vibration sensors available now. The second news is that 64-bit OS of the wireless gateway is ready to use, which improves the performance of the wireless gateway significantly.

There have been strong demands of magnet mounts for our wireless vibration sensors. Though magnet mounts have drawback of attenuating high frequency signals, they are very convenient to use. You just need to screw the wireless vibration sensors to the magnet mount base, and attach the sensor with magnet mount to machines to be monitored. The whole process takes less than a minute.

The weight of the magnet mount is 45g (1.6oz). The height of the magnet mount with H-shape legs is 17.7mm (0.7inch); Its diameter is 26mm (1.02 inch). The top of the magnet mount has M6 screw that can be screwed into the bottom of Broadsens's SVT-A series wireless vibration and temperature sensors directly. The H-shaped legs allow the sensor to be mounted to both flat or curved structures easily. To use the magnet mounted sensor, please make sure to slowly touch one leg of the mount to the structure surface, and then slowly lower the other leg to the structure to avoid shocks to the wireless vibration sensors.

Broadsens's wireless gateways have Linux OS installed with edge computing ability. The new 64-bit OS improves the wireless gateway's performance significantly when a user wants to take data of multiple wireless vibration sensors  continuously for a long time. Per our testing, the 64-bit OS allows GU200S with 2GB RAM to take data of four sensors at 3.2kHz sampling rate non-stop for more than two days smoothly. With original 32-bit OS, it is recommended to not take data continuously for more than 2 hours, or to use MQTT protocol to send out raw data in real time to a more powerful  server to take data (in this case, there is no limit on how long a user takes data). Users can download the new 64-bit OS image from the links provided by Broadsens.

vibration sensor magnet mount top view

Magnet mount top view

vibration sensor magnet mount bottom view

Magnet mount bottom view

5 thoughts on “Wireless Vibration Sensor Magnet Mounts and 64-bit OS

  1. Jason - April 5, 2022

    The magnet mount for wireless vibration sensors is a nice option. We will order some soon.

  2. Simon dashely - April 12, 2022

    Do you ship to South Africa?

  3. Hoy - April 18, 2022

    Can your wireless vibration and temperature sensors be used for pumps in water facilities?

  4. Rob - April 19, 2022

    @Jason, thank you. @Simon yes we ship worldwide. @Hoy. Absolutely. Our wireless vibration and temperature sensors are excellent for online machine condition monitoring.

  5. Averao - May 3, 2022

    We have several chemical factories using these wireless vibration sensors. So far have been running very well.

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