Wireless Vibration Sensor SVT200-A is coming

Broadsens will be releasing a new ultra-low power wireless vibration sensor SVT200-A. SVT200-A will replace the popular wireless vibration sensor SVT100-A. SVT200-A will start shipping from 9/12/2021. Compared to SVT100-A, the following major three improvements are made:

  • Idle current reduced from 4-6uA to 2.1 uA. This makes SVT200-A the new industrial leader in terms of low power consumption. Ultra-low power is critical for wireless vibration monitoring applications.
  • Wireless range is boosted at least 25%. SVT200-A can reach 300 meters in open space (line of sight). This new improvement is also critical.
  • Working temperature range is boosted to a whopping -55 to 85 degree C. This makes SVT200-A the toughest wireless vibration sensor in the industry.

Again, SVT200-A supports all the data acquisition modes of SVT100-A: real time mode, batch mode and single DAQ mode. All three modes can be synchronized for the sensors in the same group again. With all the new improvements, SVT200-A will become the new best wireless vibration sensor for predictive maintenance.

SVT200-A comes with two options of metal bases: aluminum alloy 6061 and stainless steel. We offer the aluminum alloy base to reduce the weight of the sensor to about 50 g only. The ultra compact and ultra light SVT200-A will be ideal to minimize the external factors to affect the vibration analysis. The stainless steel version still weighs 100g.

Wireless vibration sensor SVT200-A

2 thoughts on “Wireless Vibration Sensor SVT200-A is coming

  1. Nick - September 15, 2021

    Can’t wait to try out these compact wireless vibration sensors

  2. ammuyoarer - January 25, 2022

    Your wireless vibration sensor offers many features that we want. SVT200-A’s long-time monitoring ability truly separates it from other wireless vibration sensors.

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