Wireless Vibration Sensor SVT200-V Available for Pre-order

One of the most compact and exciting wireless vibration sensors SVT200-V is available for pre-order now! SVT200-V is easily one of the best low-power wireless vibration sensors in the class. The first amazing feature is the continuous monitoring. SVT200-V is the only wireless vibration sensor that can do continuous monitoring with years of battery life. Machine defects can come from slow causes such as wear and tear, unbalancing, etc. The damage or defects can also come from sudden events such as impacts or shocks. Traditional vibration monitoring method will miss such sudden events. If a factory relies on a vibration analyst to come in and analyze once a week, the machine could be in bad condition several days. When the vibration analyst comes in, it could be way late and the damage is done. With SVT200-V ultra-low power wireless vibration sensor, such an event can be reported within several seconds. The machine can be repaired on time to avoid further damage. Vibration diagnosis algorithm is integrated inside SVT200-V, so that the sensor only sends out vibration analysis result continuously to save power.

Another amazing feature of wireless vibration sensor SVT200-V is its size. The diameter of SVT200-V is only slight bigger than the diameter of a quarter. The wireless vibration sensor is ultra compact, which makes the wireless vibration sensor fit to pretty much any spaces. The wireless vibration sensor is super easy to install. SVT200-V can be installed by epoxy or screws. Compact size reduces the weight too. SVT200-V weighs less than 50g, which makes it one of the lightest wireless vibration sensors in the industry. Which the bottom of SVT200-V is made of hardened and ionized aluminum alloy, which is corrosion resistant.

All this amazing features make SVT200-V easily one of the best wireless vibration sensors in 2021. The other wireless vibration sensor that comes close is Broadsens's SVT100-A wireless vibration sensor, which transfer raw acceleration data that allows for more advanced vibration analysis. SVT100-A wireless vibration sensor allows for FFT analysis and other vibration analysis techniques.

Please note that both SVT200-V and SVT100-A wireless vibration sensor require to be used with Broadsens's wireless gateway for their advanced features.

Compact wireless vibration sensor SVT200-T