Wireless Vibration Sensor SVT200-V New Features

We have been fine-tuning the exciting wireless vibration sensor SVT200-V in the past week. One new feature that we added is the acceleration RMS measurement in unit g. We realized that it is important to have this value besides the relative vibration speed calculation in unit m/s. Broadsens's vibration monitoring software BroadVibra will also add the auto zeroing offset feature, which allows to remove the acceleration offset when the wireless vibration sensor SVT200-V is mounted on a structure. The added measurement, calculation and data transmission could consume slightly higher power compared to the original relative vibration speed and temperature measurement. So we went back and did extensive experiments to make sure that the power consumption is still comparable to the previous level.

The software layout is adjusted to draw the acceleration RMS value in real time. Showing vibration (acceleration) data in real time is a major feature of our software. Updated real-time vibration charts are shown below.

Vibration monitoring software interface for wireless vibration sensor SVT200-V

Finally, a big step that we made is the measurement interval. We decided to make the default measurement interval to 1 second. The 1 second interval gives a real-time measurement experience and is crucial. To achieve this, lots of work is done to make sure that the small battery inside the wireless vibration sensor SVT200-V still last long time. Our goal is to provide the best wireless vibration sensor in the industry and SVT200-V makes it possible. Here is the data about how long the battery can last with 1s measurement interval (please note that the working temperature is assumed to be room temperature with +/- 10 degree variation. Calculated with 1100mAh battery capacity estimate):

  • Constant vibration environment with acceleration change exceeding 0.25g all the time:  1 year and half
  • Intermittent vibration environment with acceleration change  exceeding 0.25g 50% a day: 3 years
  • Regular factory with machines running 8 hours a day: 4 years

The improvement of measurement interval and longer battery life for a regular factory are thanks to the dynamic adjustment of the overall vibration transmission: When there is no vibration detected, SVT200-V sends out the vibration measurements every 10 s. When there is vibration detected, SVT200-V sends out the measurement every 1 s. All the calculation and adjustment are done inside the wireless vibration sensor SVT200-V.

Attention: SVT200-V needs to be used with Broadsens's wireless gateway to enjoy the ultra-low power feature provided by Broadsens.