World’s first Train Coupler Online Monitoring System by Broadsens

Broadsens installed world’s first online train coupler monitoring system in a freight train in 2019. The system was designed to monitor the status of the train coupler. A train coupler is an important component in the train, which connects cars in between and bears heavy strain when the train is in operation. The online train coupler monitoring system consists of data acquisition device BroadScan D110C, Wireless Gateway GU100, compact piezoelectric ultrasound sensors BHU100, BHU200 and BHU500 made by Broadsens. The piezoelectric ultrasound sensors monitor cracks, corrosion and erosion on the train coupler and draft gear. The working environment is very harsh with lots of dusts, shocks, vibrations and rain.

BroadScan D110C industrial ultrasonic scanner
BroadScan D110C used to monitor cracks and corrosion on a train coupler

After months of usage, the system is still working strong, as shown in the following picture.

BroadScan D110C mounted on train for coupler and draft gear monitoring
Train coupler online monitoring system after months of usage

The system also consists of strain gauges, temperature sensor, distance sensor and vibration sensor to monitor the status of draft gear. The draft gear is another important part, which absorbs vibration and reduces the impact between train cars. The train draft gear is hidden behind the coupler, so that even when it is obsolete, it is hard to tell. Broadsens’s online train monitoring system will tell if the draft gear is in healthy condition or obsolete for the first time.

Broadsens multifunction sensor for distance and vibration monitoring

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  1. john wick - December 10, 2020

    Having read this I believed it was rather enlightening. Vikky Griff Lind

  2. gollava - July 7, 2022

    It is nice to see the development of online train structural health monitoring (SHM) system from Broadsens. Looking for opportunities to cooperate in SHM.

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