Innovative Sensor Technology

Broadsens researches and manufactures industrial-leading wireless vibration & temperature sensors, wireless high temperature sensors for predictive maintenance, industrial IOT and machine condition monitoring. Broadsens also provides compact piezoelectric ultrasonic sensors for Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) and Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) applications.


Ultra-low power wireless vibration sensors

Broadsens provides the most advanced wireless vibration & temperature sensors that are optimized for Machine Condition Monitoring, predictive maintenance and industrial IOT applications


Ultra-low power wireless temperature sensors

Broadsens's ultra-low power wireless temperature sensor SVT200-T has the most advanced features in the industry. The sensor has wide temperature range, 10-year battery life and shortest measurement interval for dynamic temperature measurements.


Piezoelectric ultrasonic sensors

Broadsens's ultrasonic sensors are robust and made of piezoelectric discs. The sensors are waterproof, compact and easy to connect. They are ideal for structure health monitoring purpose.

Wireless Sensor & Ultrasonic Sensor Technology

Broadsens's state-of-the-art wireless vibration & temperature sensors (accelerometers) have high performance, and the best battery efficiency in the industry, which are critical for wireless IOT applications. Broadsens's compact and reliable ultrasonic sensors are ideal for structural health monitoring.