Easy to connect and install

Designed for fast and easy R&D and industrial Structure Health Monitoring applications, the BHU series of ultrasonic transducers  are the patent-pending mechanically strengthened piezoelectric sensors. The ultrasonic transducers are extremely easy to install, resistant to external impacts and harsh environments in operation. Each transducer features a specially designed metal enclosure and high-quality shielded cable, making it robust and reliable. BHU series ultrasonic transducers are permanently bounded to a structure for easy online monitoring of the structural integrity.

The BHU series ultrasonic transducers can be used with Broadsens BroadScan series data acquisition device for fast SHM research, development and applications. A SHM system can be set up and running in a few minutes. The transducers are available in various length.

Strong protection
Easy connection
Shieded cable
Compact size

Why choose BHU series ultrasonic transducers

A piezoelectric transducer can be used to measure pressure, force, acceleration, or strain by converting mechanical stress to electrical charge. In Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) applications, the piezoelectric sensors can be used to generate and receive ultrasonic waveform such as lamb waves to detect structural damages. A  piezoelectric transducer disc is thin and very fragile, which requires extra care to install and easy to break. The piezoelectric disc sensors are also vulnerable to impacts, shocks, and strains. Broadsens BHU series piezoelectric sensors are protected with metallic cases and extension wires, ultra compact, which are ideal for Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) applications such as crack monitoring and damage detection.

Compact & robust ultrasonic sensors

Specifications of BHU series ultrasonic transducers

Transducer typeBHU100BHU200BHU500BHU580
Number of piezoelectric discs125up to 5
Resonance frequency300 KHz ± 10 KHz
3MHz for thickness measurement300 KHz ± 10 KHz transmit
400 kHz ± 10 KHz receive
300 KHz ± 10 KHz
ConnectorSMA or open wireSMA or M8 or open wireM8 or open wireM8 or open wire
Working temperature-55 to 85 degree C-55 to 85 degree C-55 to 85 degree C-55 to 85 degree C
Wire length10 inches default3ft default3ft default3ft default
Size9.5mm diameter, 3.5mm height22 mm width, 10mm depth, 4mm height19mm diameter, 4mm height23mm width, 12mm depth, 4mm height
Weight1g w/o wire and connector2g w/o wire and connector3g w/o wire and connector2g w/o wire and connector