Designed for fast and easy industrial Structure Health Monitoring applications, the BHU series of products are the patent-pending mechanically strengthened ultrasonic transducers. Each transducer features a specially designed metal enclosure and high-quality shielded cable, making it the most robust and reliable piezoelectric transducer on the market. The product is extremely easy to install, resistant to external impacts, and more robust in operation.

A piezoelectric transducer can be used to measure pressure, force, acceleration, or strain by converting mechanical stress to electrical charge. In Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) applications, the piezoelectric sensors can be used to generate and receive ultrasonic waveform to detect structural damages. A typical piezoelectric transducer is thin, rigid and very fragile, thus it requires great care, extensive labor and special tools such as vacuum bags and air pumps, to bond to the target structure. After installation, the piezoelectric sensors are very vulnerable to external impacts, shocks, and strains.

The sensors can be used with Ultrasonic Scanners from Boradsens or any data acquisition device with standard SMA interface. The transducers are available in various length. If longer connection is needed, then one can use a SMA extension cable.

Features and Highlights

Metal enclosure

High-quality shielded cable

SMA male connector

High performance

Easy to install

Robust and resistant to shocks